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ECI metal constructions

ECI makes all kinds of metal constructions, metal fabrication and also customised designs.

About ECI

ECI specialises in industrial metal constructions, carrying out works of any size or using any material, single pieces, special projects required for industrial solutions or small series of products totally specific for its purpose.  

Carrying out customised project enables ECI to meet the overall or specific requirements of any industry or any sector.

Industries such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and automotive are some of those that most request ECIs services to resolve and manufacture the structures and mechanisms required to increase production and minimise costs and injuries to personnel.


Experience in leadership

More than 50 years’ experience in the sector added to the company’s technology, machinery and personnel guarantee that metal constructions of the highest precision and quality are carried out, using any kind of metal material (carbon steel, stainless steel of any alloy, aluminium and its alloys, refractory steel, copper, brass, etc.).  In fact, throughout its history, ECI has successfully implemented an infinite number of projects for large companies, which consolidates it as a leader in the special metal construction sector and reaffirms that | ECI is synonymous with quality, commitment, complying with terms and delivery times on an excellent final product.

Metal construction services

ECI offers metal construction services in Spain and throughout Europe, and attends to any type of company in the industrial sector.  The company's main services are:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Customised design
  • Mechanics, construction and industrial maintenance
  • Workshop and assembly works


Guarantee and quality

Works metal constructions of high precision and quality

All of ECIs metal construction projects surpass all safety tests demanded by the competent authorities. ECI is a registered company (UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2008) and has ISO 9002 certification, which are the most trusted accreditations in the sector.

metal constructions of all types


ECI has all the machinery and resources required to carry out all types of metal and mechanical constructions requested by customers.

metal constructions of all types


ECI uses the latest technologies in all projects with the aim of obtaining a final product of the highest quality, precision and in accordance with customers' requirements.

Metal constructions projects


ECIs highly qualified team of professionals creates the designs required to undertake projects and ensure customer satisfaction.

Registered company (UNE-EN-ISO 9001-2008)
and with ISO 9002 certification

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